IT Consultancy

The pace of today’s business can, in many cases, be attributed to the technology that provides improved communication, rapid order processing, efficient contact and content management and more streamlined automation processes.

Whilst this helps your business to remain competitive and achieve a tactical edge over your competitors, the complexities of the technologies require nurturing and attention to ensure that they operate to their optimum.

Heath Computers provide a unique blend of multi-stranded IT services to a diverse range of customers.

It is our objective to keep the underlying technology finely tuned in order to support your business processes.

Our skilled technicians operate within the following disciplines:-

1) Inter-site connectivity and Remote Teleworking

2) IT Helpdesk and support services

3) IT security

Subscribing to Heath Computers’ services will provide your company with the resources of a highly skilled IT department without the need to manage the personnel, training or logistics.